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Summer Art Extravaganza

Porcelain mug by Chad Luberger.
July 06, 2012
Plum Bottom Pottery will host "Feast," their annual summer art extravaganza on July 13 from 6 – 9 pm. This year's event will feature the Cajun themed stylings of Pamela Moore and the latest porcelain pottery and sculpture by Chad Luberger.

Luberger has focused on functional work and layering multiple glazes on bowls, mugs and ewers to create unique palettes of color. He will also showcase large-scale porcelain vessels, the largest of which he has made to date.

Plum Bottom's resident jewelry artist, Angela Lensch, known for her woven necklaces, will also showcase her pendent designs. These pieces radiate elegance, simplicity and beauty on a smaller scale.

Plum Bottom also invites guests to walk among art in its newly established art garden. Door County concrete artist Dylan Lauger has created beautiful winding pathways weaving through a collection of art and concrete sculpture.

This event will jointly celebrate the gallery's 5th year in business as well as the launching of a redesigned website. The new website will let art appreciators purchase the works of Luberger and Lensch's online.

Plum Bottom Pottery. open daily from 10 am – 5 pm through October, is located 15 minutes north of Sturgeon Bay or 5 minutes south of Egg Harbor, off Hwy 42 on Plum Bottom Road.

For more information visit www.PlumBottomPottery.com.

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